Purpose-driven leader of the year

The winner of the Purpose-driven leader of the Year is a person who has a clear vision of influencing their surroundings for something better by running their business in a purpose-driven way as well as through clear leadership. Read more


Purpose-driven leader of 2020 is Karin Bodin

The winner of the Purpose-driven leader of the year is a person who has a clear vision of how to influence their surroundings for something better by running their business in a purpose-driven way and through clear leadership. The person has shown that it is possible to give up short-term gains for the long-term, sustainable result.

Through a leadership based on trust, the person creates a culture around them that is based on sound values ​​and opportunities. We also see that the Purpose-driven leader of the year has a clear and distinct vision of how to develop your employees, delegate and create motivational factors.

Furthermore, the person focuses on the fact that it is basically well-being that creates better productivity and results for a sustainable future. The person has the courage to challenge and pursue what he or she believes is right and looks at the whole for the company with a long-term purpose in focus.

In the assessment, we look in particular at:

  • Leadership
    Ability to lead, motivate, inspire and develop individuals and teams
  • Sustainability
    Leads a purpose-driven business vision where both people, environment and social perspective are in focus
  • Results
    Shows that his or her actions lead to long-term good growth and profitability results in the business she leads.

Advisory Board for Purpose driven leader of the year 2020

  • Brune Tavell, VD Academic Search
  • Carl-Johan Stålhammar, CEO of Coop Gotland and 2019 winner of PDLY
  • Henrik Samuelsson, CEO Santa Maria and Risenta
  • Alexandra Callegari Lindholm, HR Director Orkla Foods Sweden
  • Björn Levin, Business Director and Founder BrandEcho
  • Jennifer Friman, CEO of Movement Group Nordic

Project manager: Jeanette Ammilon Slim, Senior Consultant and Marketing Manager, Academic Search.

Steering group Academic Search: Anette Nordgaard, Senior Consultant, Malmö, Rebecca Eileryd, Vice President / Business Area Director, Stockholm, Marcus Kleine, Vice President / Business Area Director, Malmö, Annicka Roos, Researcher and Digital Content Specialist, Stockholm.

This year's Purpose driven leader, of 2020, is Karin Bodin, Polarbröd.

Karin, as the fifth generation CEO of the family company Polarbröd, has in an exemplary way put the company’s future and a sustainable leadership high on the agenda in the industry. She not only pushes the issue of sustainability for her own company, but for the industry and the society in which they operate, and thereby becomes a spokeswoman that many listen to. She is an innovative CEO, who with a big heart and commitment, leads the organization towards a more sustainable future. Karin is confident and stable but also brave as a leader who dares to challenge. She inspires her organization to do things they have never done before. She makes sure that everyone gets the whole of life together and her mantra is ”det är inte på liv och död, det är bara bröd” (“it is not about life and death, it is just bread”).

The issue of sustainability is very close to Karin’s heart, both when it comes to the employees’ work environment and well-being, the company as a whole, and in general for the development of society. In addition she also works actively to achieve increased gender equality. Under Karin’s leadership, Polarbröd has, among other things, built its own wind power park and the company is today self-sufficient in energy. Karin is truly experienced as the culture is described: innovative, wholehearted and powerful and is thus a worthy winner of the award as Purpose-driven leader of the year 2020.